Thursday, July 10, 2008

Freebie: What’s for Dinner?

“See a need, fill a need”, says Mr. Bigweld—corporate nice-guy from the wonderful movie, Robots.

That’s a phrase heard a lot around here. With a brain-full of cogs and gears, Andrew is always coming up with new ideas to increase productivity and reduce cost. Quinn seems to be chugging along right beside him—determined to start a company building robots with his Dad in a few years. They’ll do it, too. Just watch.

I, on the other hand, design lists. Lists to make my life easier and more orderly. Of course, I scribble notes and stick them up all over the place, but when I can spare a few moments and tuck away with my sweethearts, Mac and Adobe, the results can be delightful.

Here’s one for you. A simple weekly menu and grocery list. Print out a few, trim them up all pretty like, and clip a stack of them to your refrigerator. Nobody will ever ask you again “What’s for dinner?”. If they do, just grab them by their baby toenail, drag them to the kitchen and point to the menu. Easy.

No more excuses.

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