Thursday, August 21, 2008

Do they think I’m an idiot?

Okay, so I’m flipping though my latest copy of Canada’s Glow magazine. That’s how I read… I flip. If something catches my eye, I stop. But usually not for very long. Articles have to be short and sweet, because I just know some kid is going to interrupt me any second.

Having earned a college diploma in Creative Advertising {thank you}, also means I like to look at ads—often spending more time analyzing their sales pitch than the magazine’s editorial content.

On this particular rag break, I came across this full-page (click the pics to see a larger version), full-colour ad for Rimmel Glam'Eyes Mascara. “Lash Struck”. More like dumb struck. I mean, c’mon, Kate Moss. Do you really have lashes like that? There is no way in hell.

But I got over it and turned the page, only to see this.

Same model. Same company. Clearly not the same lighting, camera, photographer, make-up artists. Even poor Kate’s skintone is all wrong.

But most obviously, Kate is CLEARLY NOT WEARING THE SAME LASHES! Could Rimmel not PLAY ALONG? Could they not continue my dream and at least TRY to make me believe Kate Moss has two-inch long lashes and that I could very possibly have them too? Could the magazine not have put a handful of pages between these two ads, so I just might forget I saw those two-inch long lashes just moments ago?

Geez. Now I’m embarrassed to say I have a college diploma in Creative Advertising. I would never assume my audience is this stupid.


  1. I think advertisers do, by and large, talk down to their audiences.

    There is a girl at work. She always wears fake eyelashes. I can't for the life of me figure out why...

  2. I'm also a flipper - sometimes back to front.

    I'm not an advetising person, but I do scrutinize ads.

    And yes, I believe "they" think we're all idiots...