Friday, August 29, 2008

Palette: Old World Nautical

As you may have picked up from the post Blue Room Uncovered, I really like pale blue mixed with intense red. It’s an unexpected combination of colours, as we tend to expect pale with pale, and intense with intense. I’m quirky that way.

This clock and harbour print are fixtures in Quinn’s bedroom. A room that has been likened to a page out of a Pottery Barn catalogue, much to my inner decorator’s great pleasure.

His walls are painted Pratt & Lambert’s November (1299)—a muted, grey blue with a hint of yellow undertone. His bed sheets are typically denim blue, crimson red or sometimes moss green. The quilt I sewed for him while pregnant is vintage in pattern and colour, and the room’s accessories (at least the deliberate ones) are made to appear battered and worn, like an old—but well-loved—fishin’ boat.

When the time comes to tackle Quinn’s room with a garbage bag in one hand and storage containers in the other, I’ll be sure to highlight the before and after states here at JoeGirl. You can count on that. In the meantime, enjoy the colours and see how you might incorporate them into your home.

What are your favourite colour combinations?

“Old World Nautical”: Pantone 4685, 201, 652, 438

If you would like to know paint equivalents to these colours, simply post a comment and I will happily provide.


  1. I love that clock. I am thinking I am going to redo my kitchen just so I can include that clock. The Man is the decorator at my house. We discuss it, I say something like "You know I am thinking brown..." -- and somehow he comes back with the prefect colour. (He used to work at Randall's paint in college.)

    We are mid-floor reno... I'll post photos when it's done.

  2. I love that style, sort of vintage 50's gas station Americana. Very nice.

  3. Very cool. I think you would love my living room. My couch is red and the rest of the room is earthy brown tones. The couch really makes a nice focal point. :)