Thursday, September 11, 2008

Falling into place

At this point in my life, I expect things so flow rather smoothly. Aside from sick kids throwing off a day’s plans, or emergency diaper changes, my daily grind is pretty predictable.

But then, something happens in the blink of an eye—and everything changes. I suppose, if you wish to analyze life in micro-mode, you could say this about any event—including emergency diaper changes, but I’m talking more about the big picture here.

A couple of Saturdays ago, I received an email from somebody I didn’t expect to hear from. Janise is one of Ottawa’s top Interior Designers, whom I had once approached to discuss the feasibility of converting my then 15+ years of graphic design experience into my true life-long passion for interior design. What courses should I take? What experience do I have now that would parlay into the residential decor and design field? And would she be willing to let me shadow her on a few projects?

That was three years ago. What seemed like only moments before becoming pregnant—as planned—with Jake and therefore chasing and locking my own dreams back up into the dark, musty attic for a little while longer.

You can imagine my surprise—and delight—reading Janise’s email, mentioning she has a part-time position to fill as her assistant, and would I be interested? I just about punched a hole through the ceiling of the blue room I jumped so high! Omigawd. OmiGAWD. Really? Why me? Why now? How perfect? Of course! What do I do? Email her back? Call her? Calm down. Think. What does the email say? Please feel free to call me and we can talk. So—chest in throat, hands clammy and twitching—I called. I can’t believe I am calling HER about a JOB.

Sorry, she’s with a client right now. Can I have her call you back? Absolutely! So I waited. And waited. Then I re-read her email {for the eleventh time}, and remembered she was leaving on holidays later that day.

Aw, she’s probably gone. I followed up with a quick email, just letting her know I am indeed interested, and look forward to chatting with her about it upon her return in a couple of weeks. Man, how am I going to wait that long?

She came home early, due to bad weather and called me right away. We had a fantastic chat on the phone, giggling like old school friends, and remarking on the many synchronicities we were finding, which will hopefully prove I am the best candidate for the job.

I’m meeting with her tomorrow.
And in the blink of an eye, everything may change.

So excited.


  1. Best of Luck!!!
    Tammy R

  2. OMG Joe that is just wonderful!!! Isn't it amazing how things just seem to happen when the time is right. :) Let us know what happens tomorrow. Good Luck!!!

  3. So exciting! I'm dying to know - how did it go? You so deserve wonderful things to happen to you, and I hope this is the beginning of this dream coming together.