Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Etsy: Christine Kangas

Not long into my discovery of Etsy, I happened upon an extraordinary jewelry artist… Christine Kangas. Christine’s jewelry epitomizes, in my opinion, what Etsy is—or at least should be—all about. Unique, handcrafted, clever, stunning and affordable masterpieces.

When I shop Etsy, I want to discover pieces I would never have imagined—pieces I haven’t ever laid eyes on before. Christine Kangas delivers on this expectation—wrapping beads with beautiful fabric {!}, combining natural elements like stone and wood, and arranging her beads and findings in such a fascinating, yet simple way. Christine continues to blow my mind every time I pop in to see her latest creations.

When’s the last time your mind was blown by a unique and extraordinary Etsy artist?

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