Friday, September 26, 2008

Palette: Cuban Coffee

In March of 2007, the four of us drove from Ottawa to Tampa for Spring break. We were staying with my parents, which conveniently afforded Andrew and me a night out. We ventured through Tampa to one of its most unique neighbourhoods—Ybor City, and dined at the famous Columbia Restaurant.

I have to remind myself every time I look at these two floral, ceramic balls—which were purchased at the Columbia Restaurant Gift Shop—that we weren’t actually in Cuba. The meal, music, decor, and service reminded Andrew and me, very vividly, of our time spent in beloved Havana.

Colour trends this Fall dictate a muddier palette—incorporating grey hues to modernize and bring a more urban quality to our homes and offices. When choosing paint colours, lean toward the muted versions of your favourites, like the ones I've shown here, for the most current selections.

“Cuban Coffee”: Pantone 497, 402, 5493, 5523

Pantone is a colour matching system used primarily by graphics professional and printers. If you would like to know paint equivalents to these colours, simply post a comment and I will happily provide.

In this particular case, have a look at Pratt & Lambert’s Obsidian, Shadow Beige, Blue Fog and November.


  1. Very cool! Have a nice weekend!

  2. Very pretty. Is "shadow beige" what's actually depicted on your palette? It appears a grey or taupe.

    I need to email you some photos of my master bedroom that I've recently redecorated. I'm thinking of painting the trim around the windows and baseboards - perhaps similar to the "shadow beige". You'll have to tell me what you think...