Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Turn that frown upside down

Some days I think I am nuts for having my boys five years apart. Indeed, this age-span is exactly what Andrew and I always discussed. If we were going to have Number Two, we would wait until Quinn was in school, at least half days. Well the plan worked, and now we have two delightful—though very different—little boys, ages seven and two.

There are many moments when I look at the boys and know—with every beat of my heart {boy that was sappy}—that they came when they did for every wonderful, joyous reason possible—and that our plan was the exact right one for us.

Moments like when Quinn runs up to get Jake out of his crib first thing in the morning or after nap. Or when Quinn does the Choo-Choo train trick to encourage Jake to eat his supper. Or even when the boys are playing outside, and Quinn reminds Jake to wear his bicycle helmet.

My favourite moments however, occur when Quinn reads to Jake. Quinn was a late reader, not fully mastering the concept until well into Grade One. Now he reads fluently, and with very little intervention from us. It makes my heart sing to find the boys snuggled into one another, enjoying a good book together.

Even if it is upside down.


  1. That is darling! Some of my most precious mommy moments is when I catch my kids being kind and sweet to each other when they don't know anyone is watching.

    They are not always the best of friends (daughter age 9, son age 6). It is neat when they are being nice because they want to, not because they are being told to.

  2. That is adorable. That really makes me think about having another one a few years later than what we were planning . . . hmmm.

  3. There's something so special about seeing your kids read together. It melts my heart every time.

  4. I remember how hard it was for me to decide when to have my second child. I liked the idea of a big gap so I could have plenty of time with my daughter but I also thought if they were close in age they might have more in common. Well, we went with close and my two are two years, two months, and two days apart. My hubby always says two is the best number for us. LOL Anyway, I think this picture is so great because even though my children are much younger I have the same exact picture of my two year old reading to my 3 month old. It is beautiful at any age. :)