Thursday, October 2, 2008

I just can’t let go…

As the boys and I opened the garage door this morning, we saw a rough-looking Golden Lab moping around our front lawn. At first glance, I thought it was Dakota, our neighbour’s dog. But on closer inspection, I discovered a leaner middle, a frothy mouth, a gooey right eye and a very lifeless left eye. This old-timer was in rough shape. No identification. No collar—just a choke chain.

I held on to his chain, keeping him at my side as the buses came and went. Several kids and Moms at the stop identified the dog as one who wanders away from home a lot, and were able to tell me where he lived. Jake and I walked the long way to daycare, so we could get this poor guy home.

We met his owner on the street, where she had obviously been looking for her lost pooch. She gratefully acknowledged the rescue, and explained “Shakes” is on his last legs—arthritis, a tumor in his left eye, infection in the right, and twelve years under his belt. A good long life for a Lab.

Andrew mocks me for wanting to rescue every dog. We are dog lovers, having both grown up with them. And we loved—and still love—our girl Jasmin for eight years before her sudden illness and passing in February 2007. She can still bring me to tears, I miss her so much.

Jasmin got away from the house a few times, too. It kills me to think of what might have happened if people hadn’t cared enough to hold onto her, and help her back home. She almost always had on her collar and ID tags, but this old boy didn’t.

Thankfully, Shakes’ return was an easy one, but many people might just have let him wander. Lost, and lonely, and confused. I just don’t have that in me. I can’t let go of a stray, for fear if I do, they might never find their way home. Home to the people who love him, and would miss him terribly.

Lesson: Please make sure your cherished pets are properly tagged.
…and give them a big, snuggly hug, from JoeGirl.


  1. Nice of you to return the dog...

  2. Hello Joe Girl... I have misse dcommenting on you blog and I miss your comments too... Haha, hint. hint. So nice of you to make sure that sweet lab got home to its owner. PS, you are right about being a reaponcible pet owner, all animals need tags and a microchip...
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Very nice! Have a great weekend!

  4. You are so sweet Joe!!!