Monday, October 27, 2008

Marley and Me

Hi Sweet Girl.

We are so happy to have you in our family. You are finally home. Home to warm hearts and gentle hands. Home to snuggles and love. We are here to play with you, and train you, and help you feel safe, and confident, and strong, and adored.

So far, you are Mommy’s girl—staying by my side, though at times shying away or tucking out of sight. We understand you are nervous. Your early days, weeks, months were rough. It is so important for puppies to be socialized and loved, and it saddens me deeply that this was not the case for you. Experts suggest we take it slowly, using play and kindness to ease you out of your shell. That’s easy. They also suggest we take you everywhere, to meet new people and experience new sights and sounds. The morning bus stop is great for that. Lots of dogs, neighbours and friends to welcome you to the ‘hood.

The last two nights, you have come alive. Once the boys are tucked away for the night, you track my whereabouts and indicate with a little romp that you want to play. So down I get, on all fours—looking like a goofball, I’m sure—and we play. You are so silly! Scampering about my room, chasing Jazzy’s old rope toy which, by the way, she pampered for eight years without so much as breaking a thread! My, she would be alarmed at the rate you are tearing it apart! That’s okay. You are having a grand time, and that makes my heart sing.

This morning, upon my arrival to your crate, you wagged your tail with such gusto. You’re such a wonderful sleeper. No whines, peeps or barks! Outside we enjoyed no fewer than 257 rounds of Fetch. It is such a joy to see you run back and forth—tongue hanging out the side of your mouth, tail flying behind you, ears perked—bringing me your toys, and waiting for them to be thrown again and again. Wouldn’t it be a dream to remain in that state—happy, carefree, fearless. Alas, once you are tuckered out, your timidity returns. Especially if somebody dares try to join in on the fun. Someday, I will have witnesses to your smiles.

In the meantime, we will be patient. And we will love you with everything we have.
Welcome home, Marley.

[ You may have noticed Marley’s right eye is closed. She does open it, but it is quite sore due to a condition called Entropion. This occurs when the eyelid curls in, causing lashes to scratch the surface of the eye. We are awaiting a surgery date, when this will hopefully be corrected. My gut tells me this has a lot to do with her nervousness. ]


  1. Hi Everyone,
    Karen here, "Marley's" foster Mommy. I'm so pleased to hear that she's doing well. I have to say, we are both relieved that she has such a fabulous home and family, but as you probably already see, she really grows on you. There's a hole here where that furry munchkin used to be! I love your blog by the way, it's great, not just the dog parts. It does our hearts good to be able to hear the stories of your new furry family member though!
    Take care and best wishes to your whole family.

  2. You're a wonderful dog Mother! Marley's very lucky to have landed in such a loving home. Sweet, sweet, post.

    Love Karen's comment too - should make you feel so good.

  3. She is adorable, Joe!! It sounds like it's going pretty well - I'm so happy. Hope to meet her in real life sometime, when she's ready.

    Down on all fours looking like a goofball is the way to do it - my kids laugh their heads off at me when I'm rolling on the floor with our dog :-)

  4. I love this insight into Marley's transition into your lives. There are tears in my eyes from reading about your unconditional love for this little waif. She's a lucky girl!