Friday, April 17, 2009

A Desperate Cry…

Last week, I succumbed to a nasty stomach bug. Yep. Both ends. I had to call Andrew home early on Wednesday to pick up the boys. I just could not move for fear of a gastronomic explosion.

Wednesday nights are busy here. Quinn has boy scouts at 6:30pm, so we have to eat quickly, and dash out. I was in bed. Andrew was doing his best to manage the boys—quietly—so I could rest.

I insisted Andrew leave Jake at home with me while he drove Quinn to the school. I could lay on the sofa while TJ watched TV. It was awful. All Jake wanted to do was crawl all over me. Adorable yes, but excruciating.

Andrew came home, rather than staying to help out with the troops. Bedtime couldn’t come soon enough for Jake, so Andrew took him up as I returned to the comfort of my own bed. I could hear, via the baby monitor, as Andrew tucked Jake in, read him a story, and left the room.

That’s when the screaming started. It’s very unusual for Jake to scream/fuss/cry/talk after being put to bed. He’s the easiest kid ever to send to bed. But this night was different. He was mad as a hatter, and wanted the whole neighbourhood to know it.

“DAAAAD-DYY!!!!!” {scream, scream, scream} … “DAD-DYYYYYYY!” {repeat at least seven times} …

Andrew, rushing to pick Quinn up on time, but also very concerned for my sanity, returned to Jake to see what all the fuss was about.

Calmly and slowly, Jake sat up, reached out his hand to Andrew and said, in the sweetest, most caring voice, “Your iPod.”

It had apparently fallen out of Andrew’s shirt pocket as he leaned in to kiss Jake goodnight.


  1. Man, I swear my child finds me 100 times more interesting when I'm sick, on the phone or otherwise trying to recover.

    At least he knows the importance of the iPhone.

  2. That is cute... Lucky you with an easy one to put to bed... Mine is trouble at bed time... I know it is all my fault..

  3. That is the cutest thing *ever.*