Friday, November 13, 2009

An Anniversary: 100 Posts at Premier Blueprints!

Today offers the 100th post over at Premier Blueprints—the brilliantly inspired and inspiring blog, hosted and written by my personal trainer, life coach and friend, Marshall Page.

Premier Blueprints is about creating your own success, not just in the gym, but—more importantly—in your mind and spirit, where it all begins. Your environment is controlled by your own mind—the way you choose to respond to outside circumstance affects every aspect of your life. Premier Blueprints teaches readers how to design and create their own environments, and fill each step of the journey with success and happiness.

I have learned much from Marshall, and as such, my life has changed dramatically in the last six months. Most notably my body, strength and energy. On the inside, I respond more calmly to external frustrations. I give each personal connection a new opportunity, every opportunity. I have stopped judging and labeling others. I have learned to embrace each moment for what it offers. I take time each evening to reflect on my thoughts and promote success for the day ahead.

Marshall aims to post each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I crave his writings, and find value in each one. Here are some of my recent favourites:
Guard Your Thoughts of Others
How’s Your Day Going?
Energy Flows Where Attention Goes
As You Wish
What You See is What You Get When it Comes to Kids
Thoughts = You
There are many more posts (94 in fact), which hold significance in some way or another. Read a few… heck, read them all! Premier Blueprints provides the tools you require to transform your life in whatever capacity you desire. Take from it what you wish—as much or as little. Embrace the moment, and enjoy the journey!

Here’s to your next 100 posts, Marshall. Thank you and congratulations!

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