Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happiness 101.8

Haven’t posted a Happiness list in over a year {tsk, tsk}. It has been a very, very happy year indeed. Some things that make me smile lately…
  • songs I can sing along with
  • the promise of rekindling my most precious friendship
  • wrapping my arms tightly around my children
  • illustrating; I have discovered a certain knack for pen and watercolour
  • bedtime chats with Quinn + Jake
  • Marley’s dances with Marshall
  • scrambled eggs
  • our family Gratitude Journal, which resides on the dining table
  • Nat’s raw laughter
  • handing over past treasures of the boys’ clothes, books + toys to friends with a new baby boy
  • Fawlty Towers on YouTube
  • the way Quinn says “I love you” and reaches up for a kiss when the school bus arrives
  • paying bills
  • movie nights on the open sofabed
  • capturing great moments in pictures
  • comments on my blog posts {hint, hint… is anybody out there?}

From photo to illustration, a housewarming card

My favourite dance partners

The fabulous Nat, adored


  1. Hey, I made the list! Very cool. Thank you darling! Tremendously grateful to have you in my life. I'm going to steal this idea.

    (Marley dances with Marshall? Really. Amazing!)

  2. Nice list of Happiness's Ar$%!!
    I love the sweet pic of the boys.