Monday, January 16, 2012

Inspiration 365: Day 16

Tonight, I am inspired by the many strong, beautiful women in my life…

Kelly, for working so hard to promote my new business direction;
Tara, for listening and lending a new perspective;
Cierra, for being so passionate about raising awareness to her peers about safe driving;
Elsbeth, for her determination and perseverance;
Melissa, for racking up the overtime so she can contribute enough to her RRSP to avoid paying taxes;
Tali, for inquiring about a power lifting program for women {oh, yah!};
Clarissa, Karla and Jennifer, for joining my 6-Meal Dinner Club within three minutes of receiving their invitation {Don’t be offended if you did not receive an invite. This is a spin-off for the participants of last week’s Nutrition Workshop. I will offer more dinner clubs down the road.};
Céline, for opening the Centre at 6am today after buggering-up her knee last night; and
my Mom, Sharon, for yesterday’s encouraging words which echoed throughout my thoughts all day long.

Thank you, Ladies.

…What inspired YOU today?

{ Psst… I love to receive feedback on my posts. Please leave your comments whenever you feel inspired to do so! }

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