Thursday, January 19, 2012

Inspiration 365: Day 19

At about ten minutes to three this afternoon, a man with a kind face walked into the Centre. No, there is no punchline. He spoke softly, with a broad smile, introducing himself as local Naturopathic doctor, Julek Meissner. He mentioned a mutual friend, Wayne, and I instantly recalled the fondness Wayne expressed for this man standing before me.

Julek’s smile and gentle demeanor immediately lifted my Spirits. It had otherwise been a low-energy/low-vibration day. Marshall arrived just as Julek was leaving. The three of us chatted about our shared beliefs in Spirit, Energy + Frequency. It was a delightful albeit brief conversation, though one which led to the two gentlemen booking a date for tea and further discussion next week.

People are fascinating. Julek reminded me to never feel intimidated to introduce myself to another. You just never know what you’ll learn from the encounter, or how you will feel afterward. Go for it!

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