Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Inspiration 365: Day 25

Growing up, I had one really, really good girl friend, and at any given time, two or three other girl friends I could occasionally call or hang out with. I tended to have more guy friends, and often felt more comfortable around them, as I was much of a Tomboy myself (for example, spelling my Jo, with an ‘e’ since the age of 8).

It wasn’t until launching JoeGirl that I really became focused on women, thereby attracting more women into my life. In the last 18 months since opening Marshall’s, I have become very good friends with over a dozen women—any of whom I could call at a moment’s notice to join me for a drink, a meal, a shopping spree, or a good cry.

One of those women is Chantal. Gorgeous, real, humble, sweet, spirited, tender Chantal. {I do believe she is the most beautiful woman I have ever met. Seriously. People Magazine has yet to feature anybody more stunning than this girl.}

After being unable to attend each other’s fortieth birthday party, Chantal and I agreed to set a lunch date. Today was the day. Given recent events and a rough start to my day, I walked the 100 paces from the Centre to Back Lane CafĂ©, wondering how my mood was going to pick up enough to be anything more than mediocre company.

As soon as I saw her face, my lugubrious mood lifted immediately. We caught each other up on our recent goings-on for no less than thirty minutes before even placing our order. Seems we have been leading similar lives, struggling with similar issues, battling the same ego wars. It was refreshing and uplifting to share our wins and losses with somebody who has really been there. And yes, we cried.

I practically skipped back to the gym, beaming with an optimism for my future—the okay to feel what I have been feeling, and the confidence to surge ahead with my dreams.

Chantal, you are extraordinary. Thank you for walking into my life, and welcoming me into yours.

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