Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Inspiration 365: Day 4

I arrived home this evening to find my landlord sitting on the edge of my bathtub {where I was so eagerly headed to soothe a persistent headache} cowering over a gaping trench dug out of my sweet, original, hex tile floor.

Oh, yes… That is the downstairs neighbour’s bathroom you see through the opening.

Oh. No.

I had received an email yesterday requesting permission to enter with a plumber to investigate some reported leaking in the downstairs apartment. No problem, I reply.

This is how he left my once glorious, immaculate, private haven… promising to return tomorrow to begin filling the trench with something to build up the floor again. This ought to be interesting.

So, where is the inspiration in this mess?

I could have reacted poorly, throwing foulness at my landlord, refusing to pay a portion of my rent, demanding he put me and my family up in a hotel until it is fully repaired, and so on.

But no. That kind of reaction is not in me (or at least not in my outside voice). It was clear he was embarrassed, frustrated, discouraged and upset, so what would it have accomplished for me to respond in anger? He and the plumber had been there since noon, and it was now 7pm.

I prepared a small plate of carrots, hummus and pita wedges for the two of them, and continued about my business, grateful to have such a beautiful home.

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