Friday, 2 November 2012

30mins 07sec

Despite my best intentions to complete the CN Tower climb in 25mins or less, it was much tougher than I expected. My finish time was 30mins 7seconds. Actually, not too bad, considering I had to slow down several times for people ahead of me.

Our heat of about 10 people timed in at 6:35am. I was expecting to be able to “trot” up maybe 7 or 10 flights before needing a rest. Nope. Not a chance! After three flights, and maybe one minute, my quads were throbbing, and I was asking myself how I was ever going to reach the top—144 total flights of about 12 steps each flight.

So, I decided to take it slow. I needed to stop and rest about every 5–6 flights. I had the heart-power, but, surprisingly, my quads were seizing up. Then, I would catch my breath and trot up 3 flights, walk up another 3 or 4, then rest again. Before I knew it, I was at flight 50 (signs were posted every flight). Good Lord… only 1/3 of the way there.

Then, flight 100.

Keep in mind, this was a hand-free climb, so there wasn’t a drop of water to be had. The stairs (narrow metal utility stairs you would find in a fire escape) were dripping with sweat from the climbers before me. Lovely.

Then, flight 140.

Can you believe, at this point I wondered how I would possibly climb four… more… flights. UGH!

But, I did it. I timed out at 7:05am—30mins 07secs.

THEN… we had to climb another EIGHT flights of stairs to reach the elevator and observation floor. This staircase was different, and likely could not be included in the official climb due to safety reasons.

Holy Mackerel, I was SPENT! My climbing partner, Josh, was at the top waiting for me (his time was 16mins 34secs), cheering me on as I entered the main lobby area at the top. He walked me and my Jello legs over to the hydrating station, and we stepped outside to the observation deck to cool down. The sky was dark, the city alight. It was gorgeous. I did it! I was so proud!

Thank you for your support. It was a challenge, and an adventure, and I did it!


PS: We proceeded to play 18-holes of golf that afternoon for a church tournament, then attend a fabulous house party that night, not back home until 2:30am! Needless to say, Sunday was a day of rest!

PPS: Much to my amazement, my legs did not seize up at all in the days following the climb. My right shoulder was sore however, from pulling myself up with the railing! :)

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