Friday, 9 August 2013

Happiness 101.11

It’s almost lunchtime on Friday. I am in my new lower-level office space, in my new-to-us condo townhouse, on the outskirts of Canada’s capital, Ottawa.

A lot has changed since I last wrote, way back in November 2012. The simplest way to tell the story, is by listing my current happinesses, and letting you fill in the blanks. Enjoy!
  • Pulling into the driveway to see our two crazy dogs up on their back legs, pawing frantically at the sidelight window, desperate for us to “Come inside, NOW!”
  • Overseeing our two big kids (Q now 12yrs, Miss G 11.5yrs) collaboratively preparing meals and special treats in the kitchen.
  • Listening to our two little boys, The Twins, (TJ now 7yrs + DJ 8yrs, born on the same day a year apart), chatting together before falling asleep in their shared room.
  • Appreciating the last of the daylight as it kisses the tops of the trees in the rolling park outside our front door. As Jamie and I sit on our front step enjoying—most often—a sip of Bourbon, we recount the day’s highlights and anticipate the day ahead.
  • Discovering + downloading new music from NoiseTrade.
  • Finding treasures at thrift shops to decorate our home + my body.
  • Browsing Pinterest, especially for home decor, blended family ideas, fashion + crafts.
  • All six of us at the dinner table.
  • Just the two of us at the dinner table.
  • Having my hair brushed + braided at bedtime.
  • Exploring new craft distilled + small batch beverages with Jamie—bourbon, whiskey, gin, wine + beer! And yes, we enjoy in moderation.
  • Tickle Tuesday at bedtime with The Twins.
  • Late night grocery shopping with Jamie, hunting for deals.
  • Listening to the kids’ daily highlights.
  • Receiving text messages from the kids when they are at their other parent’s homes. FaceTime is even better!
  • My big kid still wanting tuck-in at bedtime, complete with chatting, hugs + kisses.
  • Hearing my ‘new’ kids tell me they love me, both in person and on the phone.
  • Spending time with my parents at the riverfront home where I grew up, and sharing that magical place with the kids.
  • Being a super cool Mom, and super fun ‘Dad’s girlfriend’.
  • The beautiful way our children have become friends, truly enjoying each other’s company.
  • Loving + being loved.

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