Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happiness 101.5

This morning’s frost, twinkling in the early morning sunshine, brought such happiness to my heart. Yep, I’m typically a pretty happy gal, but every so often Mother Nature encourages me to stop and embrace the moment.

Today’s happinesses:
  • Feeling yesterday’s squats in my thighs and butt. Who needs sex, drugs and rock‘n’roll when your body can feel like THIS!?
  • Jake finally enjoys watching Dora the Explorer. I was beginning to think he was a freak.
  • The attitude is shifting in our house. Less negativity. We catch each other, and encourage positive thoughts and reflections. Feels wonderful.
  • Sunshine.
  • Reconnecting with a friend.
  • Watching Quinn beam as he reviewed better-than-he-thought math homework marks.
  • The Cranberries. The Fray. Kings of Leon. The Killers. Blue Rodeo. Great Lake Swimmers. Peter Gabriel. 3 Doors Down.
  • This week’s full moon.
  • Hot baths with lavender bubbles.
  • Tetracycline finally kicking in, right at the end of its 14-day course.
  • My new hot pink Converse Chuck Taylor low-tops.
  • Jake designing a bead necklace at the desk beside me.
  • Thinking of my childhood friend, Jen King, on this, her 37th birthday.

[Jen and I at Nangor Resort, Summer 1986]

What are your happinesses today?

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