Friday, 16 May 2008


I know... three months is quite a wait since my last entry. Lots to report, so I’ll fill you in as much as I can, in as few words possible. If you’d like more details on any of the following events, just give us a call ;)

[ Previously, on Andrew had just fallen and broken his right ankle. ]

February 22nd
Andrew was in to see the surgeon for a progress report on his ankle, and was hoping to be upgraded to a walking cast. He had been in a wheelchair at home and work for three weeks, and we had all had enough of that!

“Absolutely not. Your ankle is in perfect alignment, and I don’t want to risk it. I’ll put you in a lighter fiberglass cast, but you have to stay off of it for another three weeks.” So, filled with frustration, back to the wheelchair Andrew went.

February 23rd
While hopping from wheelchair to van, Andrew tripped on the footrest of the chair, lost his balance and fell down on his right side — again. I was due out in Orleans to do a Signature HomeStyles Idea Show (home party business selling home decor accessories I began in July ‘07), and was ready to leave the moment Andrew came in from work. His right elbow was a bit swollen, but of course was in no pain due to his paralysis (yah, it was his bad arm). Next day, Andrew was in emergency again, for another long visit. He came home with his right arm in a sling and half-cast. More of a nuisance, and injury to Andrew's self-esteem than anything else.

March 12th
The surgeon removed Andrew's fiberglass cast, and gave him the go-ahead to start walking on his foot again. He recommended using the walking cast, but weaning off of it over the next two weeks.

One of the first things we did was talk to a travel broker about booking a last minute trip to Cuba. By March 28th, we had booked a trip for two to Cuba. Five star, all-inclusive, seven days.

April 9-16th
Cuba. Amazing. Quinn and Jake stayed home with Nanny and Pépé, who moved in to our house to facilitate life for the boys. Our good friends Laurie and Laurence joined us for the trip, and we had an incredible time. It was our third time to Varadero, Cuba. We went for two weeks in November 1998 for our honeymoon, then again for a week in February 2000. Different resorts each time. Would recommend Melia Las Americas to anybody traveling to Cuba. Absolutely outstanding. We have pictures to prove it...

May 3rd
Quinn turned SEVEN! Hard to believe, isn’t it? Especially when I feel I can remember every detail of his birth like it was yesterday, although looking at the size of him, there’s absolutely no way it could have been! Quinn is a wonderful young man (okay, he is still just a little boy), who really is interested in everything. Of late, his career interests are: an illustrator, a doctor and a teacher. Oh, and maybe a firefighter as well. And he wants to plant trees all over the world. Nice.

Quinn had his birthday party at his Jiu-Jitsu dojo — something he is quite passionate about these days. As I type this, he is there now, testing for his red tip, which qualifies him to test for his promotion to Green belt next week. That will make three belt promotions in under two years. He often says he wants to be “the teacher for the Black Belts”. At this rate, he could have his Black Belt by the time he is ten.

May 15th
Since my parents returned home from Australia on April 26th, we have been down to one vehicle. Thought we were being ecologically-sound, but it was actually quite a challenge, trying to get the boys to their various activities and Andrew to work, though (miraculously) he has been riding his bicycle on nice days!

Yesterday, against every ‘green’ fiber in our beings, we picked up our gently-used 2008 Chevrolet Trailblazer LT. She’s a beauty. The works, in terms of features and towing capacity, which was our primary concern so we can once again enjoy our tent trailer for the camping season. It’s been a couple of years since we camped, due to baby and the hardship the trailer caused to the Subaru, which was technically capable of towing, was just maxed and as a result requires some transmission work.

Our sweet little man Jake will be TWO in a few weeks. He has many words, but has yet to string any of them together to form any logical, English sentences. His big brother is his best friend, which is adorable. He seems passionate about drawing, colouring, hitting balls with sticks (we call it golf), and riding his tricycle.

Quinn spent the winter skiing on a racing team. Andrew stayed home with Jake, while I skiing during Quinn’s four hours of coaching every Saturday for ten weeks. We had an incredible year of snow, so the trails were fantastic, and a wonderful way to break in the new skis and boots I was able to buy on Boxing Day, thanks to monetary contributions for my birthday and Christmas.

I have been busy trying to find work. Completed a couple of small graphic design contracts in March, and have helped some clients with home colour and decor consultations — my favourite kind of work these days. Would like to do more of that, as interior design and decorating have been a passion of mine since I was a kid. I used to have a folder filled with house designs and floor plans I remember drawing when I was about 13. I wonder where that folder is now... Mom? I am now considering looking for a part-time job. A few days a week, maybe in a gift shop, or home decor store. Might even think about going for a Can-Fit-Pro certification to become a personal trainer... that would force me to get back into shape, allow me to help others achieve their goals, and make some money at the same time. But then, I am just thinking about it... ;)

Well, the big boys are home and pizza is ready. Ah, Friday night before a long weekend. Too bad it’s due to rain for four days straight... A good time to tackle our inside projects. We seem to have a never-ending list of them.

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  1. Wow, Quinn's 7 already. He's growing up so fast.