Thursday, 15 October 2009

I can call you Betty, and Betty, when you call me, you can call me Al…

I have a friend who recently started calling me “Sunshine”. I think it is the sweetest nickname ever. Think about it… Sunshine.

From Merriam-Webster:
Pronunciation: \-ˌshīn\
Function: noun
Date: 13th century
1 a : the sun's light or direct rays b : the warmth and light given by the sun's rays c : a spot or surface on which the sun's light shines
2 : something (as a person, condition, or influence) that radiates warmth, cheer, or happiness
sun·shiny  \-ˌshī-nē\ adjective
I’m a huge fan of nicknames. I have them for my closest friends. Arse, Pig, Slut (those are all reserved for my BFF Kate—we refuse to call each other by our real names, or anything pleasant for that matter), Pookie, Pex, Rockstar, Hun, SweetiePie, Teej, Qball…

What are some of your favourite nicknames—to call or be called?

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  1. Hhhmmm. All other nicknames I have for you shouldn't be displayed in print. Except Antoine of course!! You forgot that one. And Menu! But that's old.