Sunday, 12 August 2018


I am not a fan of bailing on plans. Especially plans I was excited + enthusiastic about. Especially plans which other people were looking forward to, and counting on.

In July, I hosted my third live online workshop—Magical Modern Calligraphy. Based on registration for my first two, I had high hopes that this one would be an easy sell-out. August rent? Covered! Little extra for a new bed because I’m sleeping in the double bed I had when I was a kid, with a cheap 15-year old mattress that leaves me feeling like I was flattened by a cement roller?? Easy!

Eight people registered.

Eight. Huit. Ocho.

Where the heck is everybody!? Y’all said you wanted to learn this stuff!? What did I miss? Why doesn’t anybody liiiiike meeeee?????

Chin up, JoeGirl.

I didn’t cancel. I was even excited for the eight gals who did register, as it meant more attention for them, instead of sharing the live time with 60 other participants.

I marched on and brought my A-game to the workshop.

Until my internet connection was lost. Yup. It crapped out right at the good part. Oh, it came back almost immediately, and 100% of the attendees were able to log back in to the call, BUT the connection wasn’t anywhere near strong enough to clearly demonstrate detailed techniques, as is required for fine handiwork.

Seriously, Internet? 

I was embarrassed and wanted to cry. I felt terrible for the participants who must have been even more frustrated than I was. They PAID for this, for Pete’s sake.

With choppy, blurry, erratic video, we pushed though, making the best of a brutal situation. I promised to record a clean tutorial and sort out a more reliable solution for the next class in the series.

About ten minutes ago, I hit CANCEL on the next class in the series.

Since posting about it over a week ago, I have received but one inquiry, and a grand total of zero registrations. I can’t pinpoint why. And, quite frankly, it upsets me too much to think about all the possible reasons these classes were a flop—price, marketing, I’m not “the calligraphy girl”, Summer vacation… Ugh.

So what gives me peace? What makes it completely A-okay that I cancelled?

Not every idea is going to be a winner. And if this one wasn’t, the next one might be. Or the one after that. Or maybe even the one after that.

Ideas flow to me like water from a hose. Sleep eludes me more often than not because I have SO. MANY. IDEAS. Friends ask me for ideas and then probably wish I would shut the heck up because they just don’t stop.

Not every idea is going to be a winner.

And you know what? My mission in life isn’t to be the online art teacher lady. My mission in life is to inspire joyful living through creative play. I haven’t figured out exactly how to execute that in terms of business offerings. Oh yeah, you’d better believe I have ideas! But ideas can be super scary—especially right after a flop or two… or bajillion.

Chin up, JoeGirl.


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  1. Way to go, Jo. I'm incredibly impressed that you persevered through the crappy internet situation, and made a decision that makes sense for you. And yeah, it's August! Seriously, there were like 10 people at church yesterday morning....

    1. Thank you, Lisa! I have so many BIGGER plans for inDetail and Live Your Spirit! Time to honour my gifts and share them! xox