Monday, 1 July 2019


Tomorrow at this time, Quinn, Jake, and I will be on our flight to Varadero, Cuba.

This trip is a promise I made to my boys way back in 2010—the last (and fourth) time I travelled to Cuba. I promised them the next time I went, it would be with them—just the three of us. They were nine and four then, now 18 and 13.

Quite honestly, even though I have wished a thousand times I could have taken them sooner, I think now is the perfect time. They are old enough to understand the value and opportunity of this adventure, and young enough to appreciate our time together (I trust I have raised them to always appreciate our time together 😉). I am so proud to be able to make this happen—so looking forward to the laughs we will have, and witnessing the wonder in their eyes as we tour though Havana, their amazement at the sights + scenes, and their appreciation for the local culture, and my love for the country and its people since my first visit in 1998.

This will be my fifth trip to Cuba, and by all counts, the most special.


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