Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Day One.

I returned to the gym today for the first time in… well, let’s say two years.

I cried when I arrived.

Not sure why. Perhaps emotional because, even though it has seen many changes since I left in 2012, it was the place I helped build in 2010. Perhaps because I know what I had accomplished in the past and I am afraid of failing. Perhaps because I am, deep down, super proud of myself for making this commitment. For whatever reason, the tears flowed—and I allowed them.

I picked myself up, received my circuit details, and went at it. Not hard, but enough.

Leg press, alternating dumbbell presses, standing rows, and a hanging obliques exercise called “Ski Jumps”, named way back in 2009 just for me :)

The weights weren’t high, or even particularly difficult, but I felt every rep. When the self-doubt creeped in, I closed my eyes, and just felt my body moving. I love that feeling. Push… pull… contract… expand… BREATHE.

Three rounds was a wonderful start. I’ll be back Thursday for Day Two.

Yes, I will be tight tomorrow—a feeling I have always loved, and often craved.


With gratitude,

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