Sunday, 22 March 2015

Returning to Health…

In 2009, I worked my way through a magnificent Body-Mind-Spirit transformation. I started the year at over 35% body fat and 163lbs, wearing a size L/12/14. Only changing what I ate, I managed to reach 138lbs by late May when I started training with the amazing Marshall Page​. At that point, I was still 32% body fat, and wearing a size M/8/10.

Strength training twice a week, and eating clean 80% of the time, in only a month I was down to a size 6. By October I was 127lbs and 22% body fat, wearing a size XS/S/2/4. I hadn’t been that size/shape since high school. I felt strong, healthy, vibrant + alive!

Late 2009, I certified as a personal trainer and founded JoeGirl Fitness. I worked with female clients in their homes, their workplace gyms, outdoors in playgrounds and in commercial fitness centres. In August 2010, Marshall and I opened Marshall’s, where I continued to train and work with clients every day.

Mid-2012, I left the gym to return full-time to my design business. I stopped moving. I became less careful with what I ate, I fell in love with my favourite bartender, Jamie​ (that’s a good thing!), and focussed more + more on my business and being creative through design + art—lots of sitting on my ever-widening arse.

My changing body has been on my mind since 2012. I know I have been distancing myself from a healthy state every week—my body aches, I’m wearing a size L/12 again, my joints hurt, everything involving effort is difficult (Carrying groceries… Hello!???)—and I’ve been beating myself up about it.

While in Florida, Grace and I were shopping for her Grade 8 graduation dress, and I caught my reflection in a 3-way mirror. Ouch. While I know being healthy + fit is about so much more than how we look, the me in the mirror told a story I needed to hear—loudly. I have gained weight. I have become sedentary. I have become lazy. I have not been taking care of myself. The scale back home—something I try to avoid—confirmed I have crept back up to 165lbs. Wow.

The good news? My reflection, highest weight ever without being pregnant, constant discomfort, and the smack-in-the-face has incentivized + motivated me in a big way to make a change—to commit to ME again.

I made an appointment with Marshall to resume training 2x a week. I’m going to try out this new thing called “Yoga” with Jamie’s Mum, and ideally go once a week. I have just returned from Farm Boy with a stack of clean foods that I LOVE, and am about to spend some time writing a set of powerful, heart-centred affirmations to keep my mindset strong + focussed when those moments of weakness sneak in. Oh, and I bought a FitBit ChargeHR to monitor my activity levels, heart rate, calories in/out, sleep quality and be a constant reminder to take care of ME.

As in 2009, this commitment isn’t about acquiring a bodybuilder physique. It’s about returning to health, strength, confidence + wellness. While I would love to see my 2009 body again, I am deliberately choosing to start fresh without comparing my pending results to those I experienced five years ago. What I accomplished then was nothing less than remarkable. I inspired many others to make positive changes in their lives, and I felt like I could do anything.

This time, I am aiming for strength, health, vitality + overall wellness. Whatever happens to the shape of my body will be a happy side-effect.

Here I go… I am so ready.

With gratitude,

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